We enable looked after children and young care leavers in the borough to pursue their individual dreams and passions by buying the thing they need. We don’t give money – we ask what they specifically need and we buy it for them.

That could be a set of cricket whites so an unaccompanied child from Afghanistan can join his local cricket club, horse riding lessons for a young girl who has recently been removed from her parents and finds it difficult to talk but loves horses, an electric guitar so a young lad can start having longed-for lessons, hairdressing equipment for a care leaver starting an apprenticeship, membership fees to an athletic club for a promising young runner.

“Etty has Down syndrome and loves music and dancing and singing along to her favourite songs. An ipad is an ideal for her as it will also help her get used to technology,”
Laura, foster carer

“Y has coordination problems so we wanted a bike that would help her with that, and mean that she’s like her big sister. Thank you so much “
Foster carer, Jane

How it works

We receive an application from a responsible adult* on behalf of the young person, which explains what’s wanted and why it is needed.

Applications can be made up to the value of £250 and we ask for detail on the positive difference the item will make. This is to make sure that what’s been requested will help enrich the young person’s life and potentially lead to new possibilities. We want to give these vulnerable young people the opportunity of trying something new, to enjoy a challenge, discover their hidden talents or develop existing ones. 

Application forms can be found at the bottom of this page. Please read the application guidance notes for further details:

* Foster parent, guardian, carer, social worker, virtual school case worker, advocate or personal advisor.

How much can be applied for?

Any amount from £25 up to £250.

Who can apply?

Looked after children and care leavers up to the age of 25, with London borough of Barnet as their corporate parent.

How to apply?

Simply apply by filling out the online form below and email it to Imagination.trust@barnet.gov.uk

Please read the guidance notes for help in filling out the form.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are currently unable to process applications for gym membership, group activities and courses. However we are still able to buy items to help support a young person’s unique interests such as musical instruments, sports equipment or clothing and arts materials. We will keep this under review and amend as necessary.

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With thanks to Graham Construction, who made a significant donation to help kick start the Imagination Trust.