The Great Barnet Dough Throwdown

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Support Barnet’s looked after young people to thrive in your community by rising to the challenge of the Great Barnet Dough Throwdown!

What is it?

A bread-baking competition! The winner of each of the four challenges will win a bundle of Gail’s goodies, consisting of two bags of their gorgeous granola, a box of tasty flatbreads and a copy of Gail’s recipe book, worth a total of nearly £40. All prizes kindly donated by The Bread Factory

Each Monday we will release a new bread making challenge. The weeks will run as follows:

Week 1- Decorated breakfast baps

Week 2- Soda Bread

Week 3- Sour Dough

Week 4- A Bread Factory bestseller!

** Have a look at our suggested recipe list below- this includes a Sour Dough starter recipe that you will need to get going at least 8 days before the sour dough challenge! **


The competition will run from Monday 6th July – Sunday 2nd August 2020.

All winners will be selected at the end on the four weeks so you have plenty of time to enter your best bakes and really prove your talent.

How does it work?

  1. Text DOUGH to 70085 and donate just £5 to enter the competition.
  2. Attend our Facebook event and look out on social media for the launch of each challenge.
  3. When you have completed each challenge, email 2 pictures to with the subject line, followed by that weeks challenge. e.g. Great Barnet Dough Throwdown- Breakfast Baps.

Please include the following in your email:

  • Full Name
  • Telephone number used to enter via text to donate
  • 2 pictures of your creation (overall bake/sliced in half so that we can see inside)

Judging will focus on the consistency of the bake and well as the overall aesthetics.


  1. Share pictures, videos etc on our social media channels with the #GBDT and make sure to tag us @LiveUnltdBarnet as well as @tbf_bread !
    Why not get the whole family involved?
  1. The competition will close on Sunday 2nd August and we hope to announce the winners no later than 2 weeks following this date.

Happy Baking- we can’t wait to see your creations!

What difference will my money make?

Your support will help us give looked after children and young care leavers the equipment and materials they need to pursue personal hobbies and interests.

  • £10 will buy a set of watercolour paint brushes for a child in care wanting to develop their artistic skills
  • £20 will buy a pair of dumbbells for a care leaver wanting to stay fit and focused
  • £50 will buy a bike for a small child in foster care

Week 4 –

The Finale


Gail’s Bakery Seeded Buttermilk and Treacle Loaf

Don’t be put off by the lengthy list of ingredients. This is a batter bread: as easy as stirring a pot, and as rewarding. It has such powerful umami flavours that sometimes we’re left asking ourselves whether it’s a bread or a cake. This amazing loaf is really an invitation to experiment so have fun!
Gail's Bakery Seeded Buttermilk and Treacle Loaf


For the bread:
55gstrong white flour
55gstrong wholemeal flour
1 tspbaking powder
1 tspfine sea salt
40grolled oats
1 heaped tbspsesame seeds
1 heaped tbsppumpkin seeds
1 heaped tbsplinseeds
1 heaped tbsppoppy seeds
1 heaped tspnigella seeds
50gtreacle or golden syrup
4 tsprapeseed oil
For the topping:
1 tsprolled oats
1 tspsesame seeds
1 tspnigella seeds
1 tspsunflower seeds
1 tsppumpkin seeds
1 tsplinseeds
1 tsppoppy seeds
½ tspflaked sea salt

Essential kit

You will need: a 19cm x 8cm loaf tin.




Preheat the oven to 170°C/gas mark 3 and grease and line a 19cm x 8cm loaf tin with baking paper.


To make the bread, mix together the flours, baking powder, salt, oats and mixed seeds in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, stir together the buttermilk, treacle and rapeseed oil until combined. Add the wet mixture to the dry and stir with a wooden spoon until evenly combined. The result should be more of a batter than a dough.


In a separate bowl, mix together the topping ingredients.


Pour the dough into the greased loaf tin and tap the tin lightly on the worktop to level the batter. Sprinkle the salt and seed mix over, and bake for 1 hour or until the centre springs back when lightly pressed.


Cool in the tin for about 15 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack. This bread must be completely cold before slicing. It keeps brilliantly, and can be stored in an airtight box for a few days.


Suggested recipe list:

Breakfast Baps:

Suzy’s (Live Unlimited Project Officer) Recipe

(Makes 12)

1lb/ 450g strong white flour

1 ½ teaspoon of salt

2 oz / 50g butter

5floz / 150ml hand-hot water

5floz / 150ml hand-hot milk

1 teaspoon sugar

2 teaspoons dried yeast

A little extra milk and flour

Lightly grease two baking sheets

Sift the flour and salt into a bowl and rub in the butter until thoroughly blended. In another bowl, whisk together water, milk, sugar and yeast and leave for 10 mins to froth.

Make a well in the centre, stir in the liquid until it comes together and then knead on a lightly floured surface for 10 minutes until silky smooth and springy.

Return it to the bowl, cover with a damp cloth and leave until doubled in size, about 1 ½ hours at room temperature.

Knead the dough lightly, divide into 12 equal balls and place on two baking sheets. Flatten slightly into disc shapes.

To decorate the baps, in another bowl mix together 4oz / 110g plain flour and approx. three tablespoons of water to form a paste. Thinly roll out that pastry and cut into shapes to use to decorate the baps, dampening with water to stick and seal. Or use seeds and nuts to decorate. Let your imaginations fly!

Brush your decorated baps with milk and put the baking sheets in large oiled plastic bags for 25 mins to prove. Heat the oven to gas mark 9 / 475F / 240C.

Bake for 10 mins until golden brown.

To inspire you (!) here are some baps made by Live Unlimited’s Project Support Officer, Suzy, decorated with the charity’s logo, a smiley face made with sunflower seeds and, we’re told, a heart shape made from sesame seeds!

Barnet Dough Throwdown

Soda Bread:

Sour Dough


The Bread Factory’s Best Seller- COMING SOON