The Imagination Trust is the first scheme run by Live Unlimited. The Imagination Trust creates the opportunity for Barnet’s looked after children and care leavers to apply for small grants to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Whether they are a budding sports champ and want to use the grant to pay for the cost of joining a football club, or a wannabe chef and want the grant to help contribute towards a chef’s course or an aspiring entrepreneur and need a little help with set-up costs, this scheme will help our children and young adults on their way.

Some examples of what we’ve funded include:

  • Italian summer school fees for a languages student to help boost her employability skills
  • A sign language course to help a young care leaver fulfil her dream of becoming a social worker for hearing impaired children
  • A suit for a school leaver to look smart for apprenticeship interviews
  • A video camera for an aspiring vlogger to talk about his experiences in care
  • A camera lens for a photography student to complete her course

What does the Imagination Trust fund?

The Imagination Trust gives looked after children and care leavers the chance to apply for individual small grants designed to help them follow their passions and explore their areas of interests.

*Please note the Imagination Trust does not currently provide funding for driving lessons. We are looking to develop a separate driving lessons scheme in the future.

How much can be applied for?

Any amount from £25 up to £250.

Who can apply?

Looked after children and care leavers aged up to 25.  For those under 18, applications should be made by a responsible adult* on their behalf. 18 to 25 year olds will need a responsible adult* to sign the form to verify the details. 

*Responsible adult includes Foster Parent, Guardian, Carer, Social Worker, Social Team Manager, Virtual School Case Worker, Advocate, Independent Visitor or Personal Adviser

How to apply?

Simply apply by filling out the online form below and email it to

Please read the guidance notes for help in filling out the form.

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With thanks to Graham Construction, who made a significant donation to help kick start the Imagination Trust.