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Funded experiences for care leavers

During summer and autumn 2023, we funded two trips for care leavers to push themselves out of their comfort zones for a day of laughter, exciting activities and valuable learning experiences.

The trips to Woodrow High House in Amersham, Buckinghamshire – one of London Youth’s outward-bound centres – were funded by Live Unlimited and supported by staff from Barnet Council’s leaving care team, Onward and Upwards.

Here at Live Unlimited, we believe in inspiring Barnet’s looked-after young people to thrive and the trips provided the young people with the opportunity to learn new skills and forge deeper connections with their peers.

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It was a fantastic day out. The young people were able to take part in something new and really bonded together. They were out of their comfort zones, learned new skills and were incredibly supportive towards each other.

- Personal Advisor from Onwards and Upwards

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The activities were carefully chosen to push their boundaries and inspire personal growth. From conquering the heights of the high-ropes to mastering the precision of archery and so much more, this trip was an immersive experience in a world beyond their everyday lives.

Feedback from the young people, many of whom had never ventured outside London before, was resoundingly positive. 100% described the trip as ‘fun’ and one young person even said: ‘I had the best day of my life.’ 77% rated the trip a 10/10, 55% said they had an overall improvement in their mood after the trip and 66% rated their confidence as 10/10 after the trip. Everyone involved, including the staff, said they’d do it again.

As well as giving the young people a chance to bond with one another, the trip also gave staff members the chance to connect with the young people differently, encouraging a sense of teamwork and support among all participants.

“I was able to bond with my young people in a different capacity and role, rather than as a PA who is helping them. I found that I was asking my young people for help. This was a role reversal as I am always the one helping and supporting them.

We were delighted everyone had such a good time and hope to continue providing other such opportunities in the future.

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