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Access to skills, hobbies & pastimes

Imagination Unlimited is a fund that enables care-experienced young people in Barnet aged 0-25 to unlock their potential and improve their health and wellbeing by providing access to skills, hobbies and pastimes.

We do this by providing items of equipment, new opportunities and experiences which would otherwise be financially out of reach, such as paying for horse riding lessons, a bicycle to commute to college or a pair of safety boots so a young person can take up an apprenticeship.

Please note applications to the fund are currently on hold


How to apply


Applications can be made by a responsible adult such as a social worker, personal adviser or foster carer on behalf of a Barnet care experienced young person (or by the young person themselves if over 18).


The application process has changed, please see below:

  • If you are a social worker or personal advisor, please complete the relevant application form below and send to your Team Manager.

  • If you are a young person aged 18+ self-referring, please send the completed form to your personal advisor.

  • If you are a foster carer or special guardian, please send the completed form to the team manager of your respective team.

NB: To avoid disappointment, please make sure you read the Eligibility Criteria & Guidelines carefully before submitting your application form.

 Thank you!

Trystan Guitar - annon.jpg

We received an application for an electric guitar to replace T’s old guitar – bought by us three years ago – which he’d outgrown.

He said "
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to own such a brilliant guitar. It plays so well and is going to really help me in my grade 6 exams and in my band. It sounds elite."

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