What We Do

We enable looked after children and young care leavers in the borough of Barnet to unleash their individual talents and passions by providing access to hobbies, training and learning opportunities, sports and leisure activities.

We want every care experienced young person in the borough to feel they can pursue interests outside of school, college or work just as their peers do, helping them to acquire new skills, feel more self-confident, improve their health and wellbeing and meet new people.

We believe that all children who spend time in our care have equal chances to lead happy and fulfilling lives. “At the heart of everything we do is a vision that every looked after child and young care leaver should have the same chances in life as a child living with their birth family,” John Hooton, Live Unlimited Chair.

Covid-19 Update

At present we are dealing with a huge volume of requests for our service, and are running at a slower capacity. We responded quickly to the needs of vulnerable and isolated care leavers in the borough when the pandemic broke out, by launching our Give A Dongle campaign to provide WiFi loaded dongles for those self-isolating entirely alone and without access to the internet. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our campaign. You can still make a donation here:

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4th Floor, 2 Bristol Avenue, Colindale London NW9 4EW
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E-mail: live.unlimited@barnet.gov.uk Phone: 020 8359 2325