We support looked after children and care leavers in Barnet by providing enrichment activities that can help a young person learn new skills, boost their confidence, pursue a passion and reduce social isolation. During the Coronavirus outbreak we are focusing on providing things young people can enjoy at home, such as home and garden play items, learning tablets, art and craft materials and musical instruments. Click on the Apply for a Grant tab above for an application form. At present we're suspending provision of courses, classes and club memberships, anything outside the home. We are also suspending our driving lessons scheme for care leavers, Driving Ahead. Live Unlimited believes that all children who spend time in our care and care leavers have equal chances to lead happy and fulfilling lives. "At the heart of everything we do is our vision that every looked after child or care leaver, should have the same chances in life as a child living with their birth family," John Hooton, Live Unlimited Chair
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4th Floor, 2 Bristol Avenue, Colindale London NW9 4EW
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E-mail: live.unlimited@barnet.gov.uk Phone: 020 8359 2325