What We Do


We provide support and opportunities to Barnet’s looked after children and young care leavers with services to improve their mental health and wellbeing, reduce their social isolation, help develop new skills and provide pathways to finding fulfilling and sustainable jobs.


Live Unlimited is there on the journey with care experienced children and care leavers in Barnet, helping them to gain life skills, build relationships and networks, reducing isolation and providing them with the best opportunities possible.

Aspire Higher: A careers networking scheme for 16-25 year olds, providing young people with opportunities to connect with industry leaders as well as careers coaching with support looking for entry level jobs, apprenticeships and work experience.

Driving Ahead: A package of 30 hours driving lessons and practical driving test for 17+ year olds. Learning to drive can be a game changer for care leavers, but with the average cost of learning to drive coming in at £1,384 it’s no wonder this life skill is out of reach for most care experienced people. We’ve already helped five people to gain their driving licences and improve their job prospects and have seven more learner drivers taking part.

Outdoor Club: An outdoors activity scheme for 10-17 year olds aimed at getting children outside in the fresh air, connecting with nature, making new friends and learning skills delivered by charity GROW. We want to help them be children again, get muddy, build a shelter, climb a tree, make a fire, feed chickens and most importantly have some FUN!