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The sky's the limit for Holly, Aaliyah and Jenni!


Three of our trustees are taking to the skies to raise money and awareness of Live Unlimited.


Jenni, 25, Aaliyah, 23, and Holly, 23, will be taking a giant Leap for Care and skydiving 10,000 feet from a plane on 31st July with a £2,000 fundraising target for Live Unlimited. 


The terrific trio are all trustees for Live Unlimited, a charity providing support and opportunities to Barnet’s care experienced young people which would otherwise be out of their reach.


As some of the most vulnerable members of society, the life chances of children taken into care are significantly poorer than their peers raised by their birth families.  Live Unlimited is passionate about helping Barnet’s looked after children and care leavers fulfil their potential and meet their aspirations. Their vision is that all care-experienced children and young people can achieve their potential and lead happy, fulfilled lives.


Live Unlimited provides a range of opportunities including Driving Ahead, which supports care leavers to learn to drive, Aspire Higher Plus which provides bespoke careers mentoring, Outdoor Club which connects Children in Care through a forest school, as well as funding theatre trips, and residential days out. You can read more about our work in our 2023/24 impact report here.


Jenni says: “As someone who has navigated the challenges of the care system, I understand the profound impact that charities like Live Unlimited can have on a young person's life. This skydive represents more than just a thrill; each jump signifies our commitment to breaking down barriers and providing the support and opportunities young people deserve.


“The fear of jumping from 10,000 feet is nothing compared to the fears faced by children-in-care and care leavers every day. By taking this leap, we aim to raise both awareness and vital funds to ensure that every young person feels seen and empowered."


Holly says: “I would not be driving without the help and support of Live Unlimited and and now as a trustee, this is my chance to give back and help support other care experienced young people like myself.


“I am SO excited to do the jump, it has been on my bucket list for many years, and to do it for a charity that does such important work makes the pre-flight jitters worth it!”


Aaliyah says: “I’m skydiving with Live Unlimited because every jump represents a leap of hope for care leavers. These young individuals often face immense challenges transitioning into adulthood without familial support.


“Through this daring feat, I aim to raise awareness and crucial funds to provide them with the resources, guidance and opportunities they deserve to thive in their lives. Skydiving with Live Unlimited is my way of breaking free from limitations (including my own fear of heights) and empowering other care leavers to do the rsame through the funds raised. Together, we can turn fear into triumph and uncertainty into possibility for those who need it most.”


To make a donation please visit

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